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About the channel

M-Net channel 101 is dedicated to bringing viewers high quality entertainment. It is the audience’s go-to channel for English-language content, with several international series airing within 24 hours of their U.S. broadcast.

The channel made history in 2015 when it aired an international drama series at exactly the same time as the U.S. with the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere. M-Net also became the first English-language channel in the world to broadcast the local version of the successful reality show Power Couple.

M-Net remains determined to bring you local entertainment, along with exclusive first runs of international shows. South Africa has received its own version of The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, and My Kitchen Rules, along with original local shows such as The Wedding Bash(ers). Broadcast on M-Net channel 101, these shows have been met with roaring approval from fans.

The Sunday night movie is a mainstay for viewers who have been watching the channel for years. One of its best-loved features, it highlights M-Net’s ongoing commitment to bringing audiences the best and latest in award-winning entertainment.

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